Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A new project..

What we've been up to?

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Taraaaa....It's cupcakes time!!!!!!!

Well, it's for lil sister Minggu Usahawan. We were forced to help!

Note to Wawa: Nasib baik kakak-kakak Wawa ni baik tau! So, kitorg tolong lah. Hehee, tapi I tolong tengok dan makan jer :D Amy yang tolong buat di saat dia sepatutnya study.

Very colorful kan? For school kids, that's why. The cupcakes can be personalized too and budak-budak ni ada yang letak message "I love You,... (insert name). Eh, baru Form 2 dah sebok nak bercinta. Sabar jelah ;)

We're still in the homemade chocs biz, worry not y'all.

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Have a great day!