Monday, October 27, 2008

New Contact Info

Greetings to all...

Starting from tomorrow, 28th Oct customers can reach us at 0126736151.

Why is the sudden changed of number? Well, as we'd informed in previous post our dear parents will be going to Hajj soon, leaving us to take care of the business. Hehee..But worry not as the chocs guaranteed SEDAP MACAM SELALU or even better!

So, any queries or if you need more details regarding your orders etc, feel free to contact us ya! We are more than happy to entertain allllll your Q's & queries! ;)

And meet-up or delivery can be arranged as long as it's around Petaling Jaya during weekdays, Putrajaya during the weekend. Other than that, we are sorry to inform that...dear customers need to collect your lovely chocs at our humble crib.

BTW, in any case if you didn't receive any response (let say after one day sending the email out to us!) and/or you need fast response regarding our products, your orders etc, do SMS us ya! Sometimes, we (the tukang balas email) are not in the office and therefore, missed out your email.

Business will be back to normal, once the parents are back from Tanah Suci, Insyallah.

So remember it's 0126736151 until further notice.

p.s Kepada semua, doakan yang terbaik untuk ibu bapa kami. Semoga perjalanan pergi dan balik mereka diberkati dan semoga segala urusan haji mereka dipermudahkan Allah S.W.T. Amin.

p.p.s Dan kepada saudara mara anda, pelanggan, bakal pelanggan & pembaca Little Roses: Home Made Chocolate yang turut sama menunaikan ibadah haji pada musim ini, semoga dilimpahi rahmat-Nya dan mendapat haji mabrur.

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