Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More May

When a potential customer came to our mini factory and saw it (the choc) in-person, she's so excited and saying something like this "Eeeiiiii, kalau saya order ni, sure saya orang first yg bagik chocolate kat kampung saya" (If I order this for my wedding, I'll be the first to give chocolate as a wedding favor in my village).

After a cup of coffee and free taste of Little Roses choc, she decided to order 3-in-a-box for her wedding in May. So, it will be a very busy month for us.

Notes from Littleroses: We truly understand her feelings, coz when we 1st saw Little Roses Choc we were also very impressed. It's not only cute but also delicious. Oh, btw you can drop by our mini factory to have a taste. Just drop us an email, and we will forward our address to you. It's that simple.


Tigerkun said...

Macam ku kenal bayang-bayang dalam banner di atas tu...tapi di mana yaaaaa....kekekeke.

Need a semi-pro photographer to snap a better pics of your products? Call 016-2216565...hehehe, upahnyer tak mahal, sekotak cokelat ajer :-)

iwillsurvive said...

hello little roses!

the blog - it is not hard to find mahh... sekali type, sudah jumpa mahh... heh heh heh.

anyway, all the best to you, Aunty! the more orders you get, the more marrier you'll be!

p/s: boleh kita link kat dalam suriamatahari & tigerkun?

Sara The Chocolate Lover said...

tigerkun: semi-pro photographer with dslr sounds really good. but then d semi-pro photog is wayyyy too busy than pro photographer. so how?? ;)

suriamatahari: of coz u can link us up!! thank u thank u for d support.