Saturday, May 10, 2008

A perfect birthday present!

It’s a perfect birthday present for your loved ones! We got a called yesterday from a girl from Kajang who wants Little Roses Chocolate to give as a present to her boyfriend on his birthday (which is today!). She told us that her budget is around RM50 for the chocolates plus decoration. And finally, we came up with this idea (refer the pictures) and guess what? The total cost that we were charging her is lower than what she'd expected. It only cost her RM45 including the delivery charge. Reasonable price isn't it? So, call us if u wanna gives ur loved ones a perfect birthday present within ur budget. Have fun!

P/S: btw u can also order Little Roses Chocolate w/o the decoration so that u can decorate it by urself.. :P


The Bride-to-be said...

dearest Sara, where to get the lovely ribbon eh? chomel... :P

well, keep it up!! :D

Sara The Chocolate Lover said...

thx for visiting knits =)

well, ribbon itu boleh shj didapati di kedai-kedai hadiah. di mana ada gift wrappers disitu ada lovely ribbon itu (i think so!)