Monday, May 12, 2008


Q: Can I order by pieces or is it fixed?
A: Yes, you may. In fact, many customers ordered the chocs in big quantities (e.g: 800 pieces) and then decorate it themselves according to their desired theme. Some of them even provided us their own small boxes (the actual one to be distributed on the actual day) and we just put the chocs in given boxes.

Q: Can you do other design for the choc?
A: Yes, not a problem. We have other designs available (refer to our previous posts). But then, the problem is in packaging. Other designs may or may not accomodate 4-in-a box. Unless, you want in different packaging or number of chocs per box, we can try our best to fulfil your order.

Q: I'm staying in another state, can I order?
A: Well, not to say you can't. But we have to think bout the transportation & delivery (it's not bout the charges, actually). It's more to how to transport the chocs to you safely. We used to bring back the chocs to Ipoh, what we did is just by putting damp/wet towel on top of the chocs to prevent direct heat. But we are not sure if the same thing will works if we want to deliver it to you at JB, Kedah or Penang etc which required longer travelling time...and more stops at the R&R, perhaps will work?? ;)

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